Issuing In-Kind Gift Receipts is now supported natively in fundraisingManager, including the ability to:


  1. Acknowledge (by email) an In-Kind Gift, using a unique In-Kind Gift email template
  2. Acknowledge and issues a CRA receipt for an In-Kind Gift, using a unique In-Kind Gift email template as well as a unique In-Kind Gift receipt template. 
  3. Issue replacement receipts for In-Kind Gift.



  • Some configuration is required.   This will be addressed in a separate article / video and required administrative access to the Salesforce Platform.
  • In-Kind Gift (and gifts of other Record Types) are not currently supported in donationManager forms.  They are entered manually, using standard NPSP mechanisms. 
  • In-Kind Gift must be receipted in a unique receipt by themselves (per CRA) therefore, they cannot be included in Consolidated, or Batch Consolidated receipts. 
  • In-Kind Gift are represented in the NPSP by a unique Opportunity Record Type.    By extension to this In-Kind Gift feature, fundraisingManager can also receipt any NPSP Opportunity Record Type (including Grant, Major Gift, Matching Gift, and Membership records) as well as Custom Record Types if required.    

Training Video:


Entering, Acknowledging and Receipting the In-Kind Gift:


  1. From the Opportunity Tab, select the “New” button:

2. Select the "In-Kind Gift" record type:

3. Enter the In-Kind Gift Donation and In-Kind Information:


  • Both and Amount and Fair Market Value (based on the appraisal are required) 
  • The In-Kind Type is required.   In-Kind gifts of “Goods” are eligible for CRA receipts, “Services” are not (per CRA), and fundraisingManager will not allow the creation of a “Services” receipt. 
  • The Appraiser Name and Appraiser Address fields will appear on the receipt. 
  • The “Stage” field must be set to “in-Kind Received” in order to issue the receipt.   Different stages can be used to track the gift prior to it being ready to receipt. 

4. Enter the In-Kind Description and Tribute Information (if required) and Save the Record:


  • The In-Kind Description field can be used to capture rich text and images(using the images button in the Reich Text controls) of the In-Kind Gift for internal tracking, but will not be used on the Receipt.   
  • The In-Kind Description (for Receipt) field will be used on the In-Kind Gift Receipt. 

5. Use the “Acknowledge Donation” button to issue the unique Email Acknowledgement.   Use the “Create Receipt” button to create and / or email the receipt to the donor:

Acknowledge Donation:

Create Receipt:  Given the possible more sensitive nature of In-Kind receipts, an addition message has been added to ensure that you are ready to issue the receipt:

6. The email acknowledgment will be stored as normal as an Activity on both the donation and donor records for easy access:

7. The active CRA receipt record (with the secure PDF file attached) will be related to the In-Kind Gift record in the record header.   An example In-Kind Gift receipt is shown below: